Vincent Fuller was born on May 5th, 1972 in the English town of Reading. He was the second of two boys born to poor parents. 
 His family lived in one room. None were psychic or showed any interest in the subject. Vincent’s first memory as a baby was lying in a cot and seeing an angelic figure presiding over him. As he grew up, seeing unworldly people became commonplace. 

When Vincent reached puberty such manifestations disappeared as if a switch had been turned off. Finally, he could live a 
normal life. Yet, around the age of 18 years-old a sudden appetite for everything metaphysical overtook him and after 
visiting a psychic fair located at a sports hall in Reading his life changed completely and forever. 
THE HAND OF GOD book explains in great detail how Vincent came to terms with his healing and psychic gifts and how 
hard he has endeavoured to hone and improve them.
Vincent Fuller has worked for over 25 years as a highly accomplished psychic surgeon. He has helped thousands of people 
from around the world to improve their health, but in recent years the healing energy he uses has transformed to another 
and higher level of energy, referred to in the book as THE HAND OF GOD. The healing which he now channels 
comes direct from God Our Creator. What was once a rich cordial has now been refined into pure drinking water. 
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