From ‘Beyond The Deception Periodical’: (Review by Nic Jones)

As ‘THE HAND OF GOD – The  Extraordinary Life of Vincent Fuller’ title suggests this is an incredible book. The information within is amazing – the insights quite awesome. Rarely do you come across a publication that is so challenging, yet so fascinating and tantalising at the same time. Vincent Fuller comes across as a special individual with unique healing powers. Is there anyone else out there in the world quite like him? Perhaps, ‘John of God’ is the best known and most successful, but Fuller could be even beyond him for ‘spiritual powers’, explaining in the book he is the healing Avatar for God Our Creator. However unbelievable this comment may sound, throughout the publication Fuller comes over as a man of great humility and modesty who has difficulty accepting his own abilities and talents. As he incredulously asks, “Why me?”

The book has many levels to it. First, there is the story of Vincent Fuller and how he became a psychic surgeon; how he developed and the various different stages he went through to then become THE HAND OF GOD. There are lovely cameo roles along this path like his then 7 year-old son VJ who assisted him in the early days. There is the story of Dr Charles, Fuller’s principle healer, someone who died in 1948, but channels and heals through him from another dimension of time and space. We learn all about the afterlife, what occurs there and why Dr Charles chose to help Vincent Fuller, their purpose and future goals as well as how the relationship developed. The Doctor explains that everything in the Universe is energy and how this can be tapped in to and used to heal people. After a glowing testimonial chapter from some of the thousands of people Fuller has helped over the years, Dr Charles then offers in detail how he and his healing group tackle and overcome a variety of physical ailments from cancer and fibromyalgia to emphysema and obesity.

More importantly, to overcome the mystique of healing, the book explains in great detail what actually occurs behind the veil of the laying on of hands when carried out by a genuine psychic surgeon. Where this energy actually comes from, how the channelling works, the different spiritual beings involved etc.. 

And let us not forget the author, Christopher Charles (no relation to the Doctor), responsible for bringing Fuller’s extraordinary story to the public. His journalistic pedigree and hints of his own unique path only adds yet another layer of knowledge to the publication. Charles admits he is “a journalist who interviews dead people” and explains how he’s spent over 16 years researching and exploring channelling and communicated with a variety of different intelligences living in other dimensions of time and space.

The climax of this incredible book, fittingly, is the final chapter. A Q&A between the author and God Our Creator. There is little sugarcoating or love and light as the information literally punches you between the eyes. The Creator states, “The truth is the truth regardless of a particular belief and your choice will be whether you believe this to be true or not.” Followers of David Icke will particularly enjoy the communication as Joshua (the name given to Our Creator by Vincent Fuller) not only supports a lot of what Icke has said during the last 25 years, but then surpasses this information with greater detail and insight.

Between them Charles and Fuller combine over 60 years of research into all things spiritual, healing and the paranormal and my goodness this shows. For all “truthers” THE HAND OF GOD is a must read as it is rare to come across a book that leaves you breathless, yet wanting more. On occasions, you may need to put the publication down for awhile to offer time to assimilate the knowledge being passed over.

THE HAND OF GOD may change your view of the world and help red pill and awaken you from the deception called physical life. God Our Creator even suggests that by reconnecting with him spiritually, humanity can be assisted to release itself from the increasing enslavement of The Hidden Hand, often referred to by David Icke, and help transform the planet from one increasingly dominated by the negative polarity and suffering to another far better aligned with the positive polarity and the love, compassion and understanding this brings. Charles alludes to a forthcoming second book in THE HAND OF GOD series that will explain the processes to achieve this reconnection.


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