A complimentary copy of the Astrological Journal landed on my doorstep on Saturday, November 3rd and with bated breath I opened the envelope, took out the Magazine, and turned to page 54. After reading the two page feature on Vincent Fuller, I sighed a deep breath. Thank you Victor Olliver for writing a fair, well-balanced and sympathetic piece. On such a controversial subject, it is so easy for a journalist to take a negative stance.

After a staunch look at Fuller’s astrological chart, Olliver says, “(He) passes easily as a gifted psychic”. The article goes on to comment, “…amazing testimonials of cure are included in the book, all of them seemingly credible.”

Writing about author Christopher Charles, Olliver comments, “I do know the author – one of life’s questioners and sceptics with a long history of conducting exhaustive research on paranormal healing. He is not easily swayed and retains an open but interested mind on Fuller.” 

As to the book, Olliver says, “The Hand of God is certainly a challenging book but no less fascinating for that. Free of sensationalism and mystical jargon, it tells matter-of-factly a story that many will find a lot stranger than fiction.”

If these article snippets tickle your curiosity, please purchase the book via this website’s shop.


GREAT NEWS: The feature on Vincent Fuller and a review of THE HAND OF GOD book in The Astrological Journal due to be published in early November has been picked up by one of the world’s leading astrology websites Astrodienst:  

The feature will be republished there in early November.


The feature on Vincent Fuller in The Astrological Journal is out in the first week of November.  Here is the cover.


Vincent Fuller will be featured in The Astrological Journal (November/December) issue. The article is based around his birth horoscope  (May 5th, 1972) and includes a review of THE HAND OF GOD book.

The Journal is written for the ‘Astrological Association’ and is a bi-monthly magazine first published in 1959. Its editor, Victor Olliver, is carrying out the reading.



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