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The Hand of God

Yellowblue has published its first book written by Christopher Charles. It is entitled

 ‘THE HAND OF GOD – The Extraordinary Life of Vincent Fuller’

The publication took three years to research and write. It is the story of a psychic surgeon with unique abilities called Vincent Fuller. He has refined his healing energy over a 25 year period to such a degree that Fuller says he is now the healing Avatar for God Our Creator.

However unusual this may sound the author, Christopher Charles, has spent many hours talking and listening to Fuller, learning about the evolutionary steps taken by him to reach this point, while understanding his reluctance to take on such a difficult challenge.

Vincent Fuller

The book looks at the evidence in a balanced, grounded and rational way which is then cemented by the healing experiences gained by the author and others. There is a Q&A final chapter with an intelligence calling itself ‘Our Creator’ who can communicate through Fuller. The knowledge passed over is astounding and will change mankind’s understanding of physical life, its purpose and meaning.


This publication is the first of various proposed ones on the subject including a Self-Help Book entitled How to Reconnect with God Our Creator which explains how to form a direct link, the positive benefits that come from this, as well as helping to positively transform Planet Earth. “Only 23% of people worldwide are presently connected to me,” says Our Creator.


THE HAND OF GOD is the end result of 36 years of the author’s intensive research on all things alternative medicine, the paranormal, the spiritual and beyond. Also, this book is the result of 25 years of Vincent Fuller’s hard graft in learning about healing and its practice. Between them they share over 60 years of investigation and scrutiny.


THE HAND OF GOD is a B format-size paperback, 192 pages long with 15 pictures and illustrations (by the up and coming, talented young illustrator Lenny Marignier) as well as spiritual quotes from famous people. The embossed book is effortless to hold and can be easily carried around in a handbag or jacket pocket. It sells for £7.99 or £10 with p&p (applies to UK only).



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